Let's talk Pigmentation

June 10, 2019


What is pigmentation:

Pigmentation is a form of inflammation, inflammation triggers those melanocytes which causes pigmentation, for example sunburn will cause inflammation to the skin which will then result in pigmentation. Inflammation does not only come from trauma on the skin it also comes from inflammation within your body, meaning what does your internal health look like? If we are
looking after our internal health as well as our external health we can maintain healthy melanin production. Pigment is in our DNA so when our melanocytes go through some form of trauma or they feel unhealthy we will get pigmentation, we cannot cure pigmentation because we cannot control the melanocytes in our body but we can manage and treat pigmentation with prevention and treatment.

What can cause pigmentation:

Excessive sun exposure can cause an increase in melanin. Hormones play a big role in why we get pigmentation, when our hormone levels aren’t where they should be it can result in pigment changes. Pregnancy can alter our hormones as well as cause inflammation to our bodies which results in pigmentation. Endocrine diseases, like Addison's disease, disrupt hormone levels and can also increase melanin production.


How can we prevent changes in our pigment:

SPF is the number one prevention and treatment to manage pigment!


Medik8 White Balance Everyday Protect

Product Information: Sun damage can often result in uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Prevent dark spots and pigmentation before they appear with White Balance Everyday Protect. A lightweight moisturiser with sunscreen to protect skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, plus anti-pigmentation actives to deliver unbeatable brightening and anti-ageing benefits.


With Niacinamide and Vitamin C working together with Oxyresveratrol to block the process that makes melanin while keeping your skin protected from the UV Rays.)


Why should every person living in Australia be on skincare with

pigment suppressants:
Australia is the continent that receives higher UV radiation levels than Europe. “Being located close to the ozone hole over the Antarctic means that much higher, more severe levels of UV radiation get through to ground level.

Everyone living in Australia or anyone who is wanting to prevent pigmentation needs to be on products that will inhibit excess melanin formation.


Medik8 White Balance Brightening Serum

Product Information: Intense brightening serum that significantly improves the appearance of uneven pigmentation as well as scarring over time.)If pigment is a concern to you then you should be on these products! There are many treatments that will help in the treatment and management of pigmentation but if you are not using the correct products then you will not be protecting your investment. These products are vital in the success and longevity of keeping your pigmentation away.



How can we treat pigmentation:
There are many treatments that help to treat pigmentation, but first make sure you are doing the following before you invest money in any treatment for pigmentation:
1. Using the correct skincare

2. Using a SPF daily

3. Leading a healthy lifestyle


Effective treatments with minimal downtime:


White Peels: WhitePeel has been designed to target the skins pigment cells
by using Phytic Acid and L-Lactic Acid.
• Brightens and evens skin tone
• Reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation
• Eliminates skin cells rich in melanin and prevents the darkening of new skin cells

 Price: $89

How many treatments: aim for 4 treatments, 4 weeks apart.


Skin Needling with pigment targeting ampoules: DermaPen, often referred to as ‘Skin Needling’ or ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’ is a treatment that stimulates the skins natural ability to produce collagen. This is achieved by creating controlled ‘micro wounds’ in the skin, these ‘micro wounds’ stimulate the skin to go into repair mode and provide an increase of collagen to the area. This increase of collagen can repair scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, uneven skin tone and increase muscle tone of the skin. The DermaPen is suitable to all skin types except acne. A small amount of downtime is required.

Price: $249

How many treatments: Aim for 4 treatments 4 weeks apart



RF Micro-needling with pigment targeted ampoules: A revolutionary treatment that visibly tightens your skin and reduces the signs of ageing as well as reducing pigmentation.


Price: $350 (June Special $199)

How many treatments: aim for 3-4 treatments 3-4 weeks apart.



Effective Treatments with downtime:


Cosmelan: Cosmelan works on hyper-pigmentation, this includes dark spots, freckles, sun damage and melasma. The Cosmelan treatment is a once off pigmentation treatment that is made up of 2 parts.

The first being a mask(Cosmelan 1) that is applied in salon and then you go home with the mask on and this is left on the skin between 8-12 hours (depending on pigmentation).There is no discomfort while the mask is on.

The second part is a cream (Cosmelan 2) which is to be used every night in conjunction with other specific aftercare products for 2 months.




Price: $1250 (includes over $700 worth of retail home care product which is vital in the longevity of the treatment.) - How many treatments: 1 treatment



The skin is a journey, if you are wanting to take a journey to get your skin looking brighter and healthier then come in for a FREE skin consultation so we can customise your skin plan and come on this journey with you!

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