7 Benefits of Having Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

August 22, 2018

If you’re looking to dress up or accentuate the windows of your soul, semi-permanent eyeliner may be for you. 


Eyeliner is said to be a girl’s best-friend. As far as makeup essentials go, it’s one of the most important and classic products to define your eyes. Semi-permanent eyeliner encourages you to throw away the eye pencil and enjoy long-lasting makeup without the effort. 

Bold, bright eyes are the latest beauty trend. For eyes that are picture-perfect, semi-permanent eyeliner is on point every day. Here are the top benefits you can expect:


1. Greater Definition 

Not everyone wakes up with naturally defined eyes. 


Semi-permanent eyeliner is becoming more popular because of its ability to improve the shape and definition of your eyes. 


Both eyeliner and mascara are the tired and tested tools to make your eyes ‘pop’. To get the right kind of drama and definition with your eyeliner, you can choose from a range of styles to be as natural or as bold as you like. 


2. Freedom and Consistency 

Semi-permanent eyeliner is designed to safely stay on all day and all night, freeing you up from the daily application of conventional makeup. 


At Belle Sorelle, our semi-permanent makeup treatments usually last between two-three years. This means you won’t have to bother applying eyeliner each time you head out. 


Eyeliner makeup consistency can also be a struggle for some people. Professional career women, for example, may want a sophisticated work look that is consistently and perfectly applied. Semi-permanent eyeliner offers these benefits with minimal effort. 


3. Confidence Boost

Bolder, brighter and better-defined eyes can boost feelings of confidence and self-esteem. 

For patients affected by medical conditions or wishing to disguise flaws, the benefits of semi-permanent makeup options such as eyeliner can be positive. 


4. Smudge-Free

Although smudged eyeliner can add a little sexiness to your eyes, accidental smudges are generally a makeup malfunction. 


All types of cosmetic tattooing come with the benefits of no smudge spots. You won’t need to worry about your eye makeup getting wet, smudged or streaked. Semi-permanent eyeliner is both smudge and hassle-free. 

5. Saves on Time and Money

Applying makeup every day is time consuming. Spending money on countless beauty products and makeup tools can also be expensive. 


However, with semi-permanent makeup, you can cut back on a lot of the time and costs involved.


Perfecting eyeliner can also be a tricky process. Eyeliner pens and gels may help you achieve that wide-eye, dramatic look, but there’s still a skill behind mastering the application. Semi-permanent eyeliner gives you the benefits of professionally applied makeup, without needing to do it yourself. 


At Belle Sorelle, we offer different eyeliner enhancement services. Prices start at $330 for natural eyeliner, $440 for detailed enhancements and from $120 for perfection visits.


6. Beneficial for Anyone with Allergies 

If you suffer from allergies to most conventional makeup products, investing in semi-permanent eyeliner may be able to help. 


Some skin types, such as oily skin, may cause makeup applications to smudge throughout the day. Maintaining a desired look without touch ups or allergy reactions, however, can be achieved with semi-permanent makeup. 


7. Reduces Wear and Tear on Skin

Through sun exposure, daily application of products and other lifestyle factors, our skin can take a beating. 


Semi-permanent eyeliner is beneficial in reducing daily wear and tear, as there’s less removal of makeup. 


Semi-permanent makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look ‘done up’ all the time. Whether classic and timeless, shaded or winged, semi-permanent eyeliner can help create your perfect look to enjoy every day of the week. 


If you’re looking for a precise liquid line, a natural enhancement or a more dramatic lash line, Belle Sorelle can deliver. For more information about our semi-permanent makeup solutions and cosmetic tattooing procedures, please contact us today or book online here.




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