Everything You Need To Know About Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing

August 9, 2018

Is eyebrow feathering right for me? 

If you want natural looking, low maintenance brows that are always ‘on-fleek’ then eyebrow feathering may be for you. 


A form of artistic eyebrow tattooing, eyebrow feathering mimics natural hair growth patterns to achieve a soft, fuller looking brow. 


Using the technique, brows can be remodelled to suit your face, give a more youthful appearance or provide permanently stylish brows.


From shape control and everyday flawless looks, to time saving techniques and long-lasting results, here’s everything you need to know about eyebrow feathering and whether it’s right for you. 


What are feather touch eyebrows? 

Eyebrow feathering uses hair stroke techniques to create feather-like brows that appear soft, natural and beautiful. 


This artistic style of brow feathering is implemented through a microblading technique, resulting in hairline strokes that appear finer. It’s achieved by implanting micro-pigments below the epidermis, using a hand tool or digital machine (or both devices) in the same procedure. 


To really mimic the natural hair and growth patterns, both devices can be used to create as crisp as possible hair strokes. Gaps in the brow and sparsely covered areas are filled in through eyebrow feathering, for the most natural looking brows possible. 


How can I achieve best results? 

If you’re looking to create fuller brows with naturally-defined arches, eyebrow feathering may be the right cosmetic treatment for you. Brows that have been feather touched are beneficial for fixing patchy, fair or scarred brows. 


How often will I need to get it done? 

Cosmetic tattooing, including eyebrow feathering, usually lasts between one to three years. However, this can vary between people and different skin types. 


Your skin type and its health will play a vital role in how often you’ll need to get eyebrow feathering redone. Skin that isn’t in good health won’t hold the pigment as well, which means it’ll fade quicker. 


At Belle Sorelle, we use biodegradable pigment for all cosmetic brow tattooing. This is the primary reason why brows may fade over time. Skin types that are oily and porous are more likely to need more ‘perfection’ visits than those with drier skin. 


Women with faster metabolisms will usually break down the pigment quicker too, as this determines how your skin heals from the process. Because of the variations with healing time and how often you need to get it done, we always recommend checking with your styling artist to determine which tattooing method is best for you. 


How painful is eyebrow feathering? 

Although some clients may feel a slight pressure on application, eyebrow feathering is generally not painful. 


An aesthetic cream is applied to numb the area prior to the procedure, which will help with any feelings of discomfort. 


What is the recovery time? 

On average, it takes four weeks for the eyebrows to heal but only seven days for the pigment to settle. 


You will go through many emotions throughout your eyebrow healing experience. During the first week, brows will appear a lot darker than what you may want the finished result to be, you may experience some flaking throughout brows too, and this is all completely normal. 


The second week your eyebrow tattoo will fade by 30-50% and this will vary between each client, there may be some areas where your eyebrow tattoo holds better than other areas and this is why the second visit is so important. Over the next few weeks the pigment will keep developing and you will not get the final result of how they will look until four weeks’ time. 


The perfection visit is very important. This visit will complete your eyebrow tattoo and will be completed six-eight weeks after the initial visit. 


The perfection visit will fill in the areas that haven't held as well as other areas, this visit gives you the option to make your brows darker or change the pigment colour or make changes to the shape and thickness off your eyebrows. 


Whether you’re joining the latest eyebrow trend, suffering from overplucked or patchy brows, or you’re looking for the cost-effective, fuller brow alternative, eyebrow feathering has some big benefits


For more information about our eyebrow feathering procedure, or other cosmetic tattoo brow trends, please contact one of our stylists today or you can book online here.



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