11 Things That Your Skin Therapist Wishes You Would Stop Doing

June 13, 2018

Whether you’ve taken great care of your skin or not, there are at least 11 things that your skin therapist wishes you would stop doing… So read on!


1. Over Exfoliating

First off the ranks is over exfoliating. Yes that’s right, there is such a thing as over exfoliating and it’s not pretty.

We’ve all been told that removing dead skin cells will keep us looking younger, fresher and healthier, but taking it too far will leave your skin inflamed, irritated and red. And that’s not a pretty look…let alone feeling. So please stop with the over exfoliating, ladies and gents.


2. Under Exfoliating

And then there are those who rarely exfoliate. We cannot stress enough that exfoliation is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine for your face (and body)!


So how often should you be exfoliating? Well, that all depends on how and what you’re using to exfoliate. We recommend a microdermabrasion each month with a regular chemical peel each fortnight. Followed by the use of a fine granule face exfoliator 1-2 times per week depending on if your skin is dry or oily.

But generally speaking, the best way to determine what your skin requires, is to seek the advise of a skilled skin therapist.


3. Substituting makeup for sunscreen

Tip number three is: STOP AVOIDING SUNSCREEN! And yes we are yelling (lol).

We cannot stress how important a good sunscreen is for your face, neck and body - especially here in Perth where we have the advantage of having almost a full year of sun.


The simple application of sunscreen will avoid so many irreversible measures later on in life so if there is only one thing you take from this blog post, please take this one. Your skin will thank you for it later on in life!


4. Using petroleum based products

Petroleum products are derived primarily from crude oil that’s processed in oil refineries.

Unlike other less harmful products, they can be made up of a complex mixture of gasoline, lubricants, aviation gasoline, waxes, still gasses, plus many more petroleum-based products that will completely shock you. And my guess is that you're shocked right now....gasoline in skincare *gasps*. Yes, sad but true!


So we cannot stress to you enough to check the ingredients of the products that you’re applying directly to the biggest organism on your body – your skin.


5. Sleeping in makeup

Yes, we all know that sleeping in makeup is a no-no. And there is very good reason why this is drilled into us. Because it’s just not good for your skin!


As Board Certified dermatologist, Dr. Schweiger says, “One night of sleeping in your makeup is unlikely to cause long-lasting damage to your skin. However, each night you sleep in your makeup, your pores become more clogged. Eventually, this can result in the formation of a microcomedone, which attracts the acne-causing bacteria to your pores.”


6. Not cleansing in the morning

We’re sure you’ve had this debate before – should you, or should you not cleanse twice a day? And we’re here to tell you that there’s no question that a good skin care regime consists of cleansing both morning and night.


7. Not changing your pillowcase/s enough

Given that our hair holds more dirt than anywhere else on our bodies, it’s best practice to change your pillowcase every second day. Yes that’s right! Changing your bed sheets on a weekly basis is fine, but your pillowcase must be changed every two days to avoid bodily bacteria, dirt and dead skin.

And better yet, trade your cotton pillows in for silk pillows…. The benefits are endless!


8. Stop using soap to wash your face

It sounds great in theory but using a soap to wash your face is possibly one of the biggest injustices that you can do to your skin.

Not only will soap make your skin dull and dry, it will severely damage it in the process and even contribute to wrinkles. That’s because our skin is acidic and soap is alkaline based. And that’s why each skin type needs to be carefully considered when it comes to cleansing.


9. Stop picking at your skin

If you must, get an extraction tool and do this after a warm shower so that your skin is soft - making it easier to extract blackheads (avoiding scarring
 and pitting). But please, we want you to leave this to the experts. 


10. Stop sunbaking

Below is a truck driver that drove for decades. He never wore sunscreen on his face. The left half of his face looks 30 years older because that’s the side that was in the sun the most.

Yes that’s right! If you don’t want to look like an orange peel with the chance of melanoma, then please stop sunbaking!!


11. Stop dehydrating your skin...

And increase your chances of having clear skin by drinking enough water! Not only does water flush out toxins, but it also keeps your skin and organs regulating well. The benefits are endless.


So there you have it, 11 things that your skin therapist wishes you would stop doing.


70% of your skin’s health comes from the right skin care, in-salon treatments and leading a healthy and conscious lifestyle. So stop thinking that there's a quick fix for your skin's imperfections - did anyone ever get fit by going to the gym once? 


You can maintain healthy skin at any age with the right skin care....and we're more than happy to help! 


To book your next appointment, please click here, or call us on 0418 625 128 for further assistance.



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