Skincare: Peel Myths

May 17, 2018

If you are one of my clients then I have undoubtedly at one time or another said that we should really do a peel on you. Most of the time this is followed by a wide eyed, panicked expression. So this blog is dedicated to great skincare and abolishing all of your peel myths.

The thing is, peels are not scary! I wish they never adapted the name ‘skin peel’ because it implies just that, that the skin will peel and shed off. But that is so wrong!


My first experience dealing with peels was back in college. DMK had a 7-layer peel, and yes it peeled, a lot. So at this point i was a little skeptical of them too and for years was not interested in knowing anymore as it was not something a lot of my clients were interested in.


Fast forward 10 years and peels are not what they once were. Yes we still do in fact have intensive peels - and they completely have their place. But we are seeing more and more product lines bringing out peels that have little to no downtime and yet are super effective.


So on that note, I want to take you through some of the myths and concerns i’ve heard clients say over the years so that we can finally put them to rest. 


Myth 1: Anyone can have a chemical peel.

This is both true and false. And by that I mean that most skin types and concerns can have certain chemical peels. Sensitive skins can have peels, but not in all cases they should. If someone has sensitised skin (sensitive skin due to external damage usually using the wrong skin care or sun damage) then the barrier of the skin should be improved before a peel or any other treatment.


Myth 2: Chemical peels can remove wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation.

I wish! Again, there are peels like this out there but a typical every day peel would not completely remove these conditions. Peels will help keep these concerns at bay by targeting what causes them. Which is just as import as removing. I mean you don’t want pigmentation to get any worse than what it is do you? It will, without suppressing it, and same goes with wrinkles and fine lines.


Myth 3: Chemical peels are all the same.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. We have five chemical peels we use at Belle Sorelle. Two of those are more intensive peels that require a certain amount of downtime And the other three are what we use every day and they're all very different to each other as well. Firstly, they all use different combinations of acids. Each acid will target different skin concerns and work differently on the skin cells. Secondly, we can control how deep the peel will penetrate the skin. And this will dictate how intensive the peel actually is. This is achieved by altering the pH level of the peel.


Myth 4: Chemical peels hurt.

While you shouldn’t experience any pain during the treatment, you may experience tingling, warmth and/or tightness. The skin could be red for up to 15-30 minutes after the treatment and it is common to have a small amount of flaking or dryness roughly 3-5 days afterwards too. Be sure to keep out of the sun for the first 24 hours, keep it well moisturised and you will see amazing results from your peel.


Myth 5: Chemical peels are only for those starting to look old.

I’m 26 years old, I’ve been told that I have amazing skin, and i want to keep it that way. That's why I have regular maintance treatments. Did you know your skin peaks at 24 and by 25 it starts to deteriorate? Horrible, right! Thats why maintenance is important for every age, no matter when you start as long as you do.

Hopefully this can clear up any misunderstandings that you had around peels (no pun intended). If you are interested in knowing more about the peels that we stock at Belle Sorelle, please have a read of our peels information brochure in-store, or ask one of our lovely stylists when you're in for your next appointment.


To book your next appointment, please click here, or call us on 0418 625 128 for further assistance.




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