Why Good Skin Care Is Important For Cosmetic Tattooing

April 30, 2018

The colour of your cosmetic tattoo will depend dramatically on how good the health of your skin is, hence this article on why good skin care is important for cosmetic tattooing. 


Believe it or not, there is much more to eyebrow cosmetic tattooing then just drawing on your artwork and choosing a nice colour. There are many factors that need to be considered and adjusted according to your skin’s health.


Your skin’s health will determine the following:


  • What method or technique we use.

  • What colour we choose.

  • And how long your cosmetic tattoo will last. 


Plus, if you want longevity, and your pigment colour to stay true, then you need to have healthy skin!


Healthy skin that is ‘normal to dry’ is great for all methods of cosmetic tattooing, especially the feathering method. A healthier skin type will hold your feather strokes nice and crisp and you should get around 18 months out of your cosmetic tattoo.

A ‘thick or oilier’ skin type won’t be able to hold the feather strokes as crisp as someone with a more normal skin type. Therefore, other methods would be more beneficial for this skin type. This skin type may only get between 9-12 months out of their cosmetic tattooing. And may also need a third perfection visit as opposed to only needing two visits for other skin types. 


Skin that is ‘thin and/or sun damaged’, or more on the ‘dry side’, will most likely turn your eyebrow tattooing more of an ash tone. These skin types will get a long time out of their cosmetic tattoo. You could be looking at 2-3 year’s - which you may think is a good thing. However, when your skin is unhealthy and damaged it will change colour to the ashy/blue tones – and these are the tones that you don’t want.

So in saying all of this, don’t let it deter you from cosmetic tattooing. It’s all about educating you on why good skin care is important for cosmetic tattooing. Along with some of the reasons why pigment can change colour, and why it may not hold as well as you would like. 


We want to educate you on how to get the best results for your cosmetic tattooing. So if you want to protect your investment, then you need to invest in your skin! 


If your skin is sitting in one of these categories – ‘too dry’, ‘oily’, ‘thick’ or ‘thin’, then there is an easy solution to get your skin to a more stabilised and healthy condition. All you need is good skincare! 


This doesn’t have to be daunting, you don’t need to buy an overwhelming amount of skin products. Two to three key products will make an amazing difference! 


So when it comes to healthy skin, just remember these key factors:


  • 70% of your skin’s health comes from skin care,

  • 30% comes from in-salon skin treatments,

  • You should always keep up with your water intake, and

  • You should always lead a healthy lifestyle.


If I could recommend just one product for all skin types then it would be the Hydr8 B5 Serum from Medik8.

This product will help to regulate the sebaceous glands, making your skin more balanced and it will help to repair the skin’s health. 


And very importantly, I have to finish by telling you that you need to be applying an SPF daily. 

Not only for obvious reasons such as preventing skin cancers and premature ageing, but also because the sun will age your cosmetic tattoo - which will result in colour change!  So always be sure to wear your SPF! 


I hope you all know the importance on why good skin care is important for cosmetic tattooing now.


To find out more information or to book your next cosmetic tattoo appointment, book online now.




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