"Can you make my eyebrows symmetrical?"

July 12, 2017

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked is, “Can you make my eyebrows symmetrical?” So stay tuned for the answer below..



So have you ever noticed that you may only be able to raise one eyebrow at a time but not the other? Give it a try.... You will notice there will be one side that you will probably struggle with. This is because we have one side of our body that is stronger than the other. This is mostly to do with the strength of our muscles. If we cut our bodies down the middle and split them into two halves, we have two very different sides. One side will be slightly higher, bigger or wider.


You are not alone, everyone is asymmetrical. Some more than others and this becomes more noticeable to oneself after a treatment has been done to a certain area. After a cosmetic treatment is done we are automatically and consciously drawn to that area. So we end up noticing things that we would of never noticed before. For example, during speech we have one side of our mouth that will have more movement than the other. Or when we smile, one side will be higher. But we wouldn’t notice this asymmetry until we got filler injections in our lips because we are instantly drawn to this area.


The same thing will happen when you get your eyebrows tattooed or coloured. You will only start to notice that one is higher than the other because you are now drawn to them.


So this old saying is very true: 



It is scientifically proven that each eyebrow has a different muscle movement and again this goes back to everyone having one stronger side of their body. And sometimes it can be caused by the way we move our face when we express ourselves. We generally favour one side to sleep on and this also causes the muscles on that side to sit in different positions than the other side. It also causes hairs to fall out and disturb the way the hair grows which will also make this eyebrow different to the other side.


When we look in the mirror we are seeing a flipped version of ourselves. And we are basically seeing two very different halves of ourselves. When people are looking at us they don’t see the image that we see when we look in the mirror - they see the true image of ourselves. So as much as we can play around with make-up, shaping the brows with wax, tweezing, tinting and cosmetic tattooing, we will never achieve complete symmetry. We can certainly adjust areas to make your features more balanced, but complete symmetry is not achievable.


Instead of focusing on things we can’t change on ourselves, take a step back from the mirror and accept how beautiful each of our little imperfections are. After all, it all adds character and is all apart of our unique story.


“Beauty is about enhancing what we have, it’s not about creating perfection.”


Fun fact: In the 1980’s it was said that the more symmetrical you are, the more beautiful you are. It was also said that the more symmetrical you are, shows you had a good childhood and upbringing. The more asymmetric you are, the harder your childhood was. Interesting… What do you think about that one? 


You'll be relieved to know that nowadays it has been proven that asymmetry is more attractive than symmetry!!


Click here to see what our favourite celebrities would look like if they were symmetrical as opposed to being asymmetrical. See what you think.



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