Feather Touch Volume Brows

Feather Touch Volume Brows - $600

Imagine the convenience of not having to apply eyebrow products daily to achieve that gorgeous arch we all desire. Feather touch tattooing allows you to instantly achieve that well defined, arched brow which frames your eyes beautifully.
By tattooing soft hair-like stokes, we can fill areas with gaps or scars, where the hair does not naturally grow. Alternatively for people wanting to create more fullness and definition Feather Touch Tattoo creates a seamless blend between the natural brow and feathered strokes. The semi-permanent tattooing comes in a huge range of colours. We carefully select the pigment colour dependent on your eyebrow hair and skin tone.

Perfection Visit - $150

This is exactly what the name implies. Your Feather Touch Tattoo will need to be touched up 4-6 weeks after your initial visit, this is to perfect the eyebrow shape and fill in any areas that need greater enhancement. This perfection visit is essential to achieve your desired result and ensure you're completely in love with your new eyebrows.

Colour Boost Touch Up (6-12 months) - $220

Your Feather Touch Tattoo will need to be maintained. Maintenance varies from person to person, some clients may need more visits than others, especially in the first year. This can be a result from fast metabolisms, oilier skin types and/or lifestyle factors. The goal of this visit is to refresh the colour and to fill in any areas that need enhancement.

ZipPay available in salon - conditions apply 

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