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Belle Sorelle truly are Perth's eyebrow tattoo specialists. Our dedicated team of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo professionals are constantly undertaking training from around the world to ensure we're bringing our clients the latest and most effective eyebrow tattooing techniques. 

Belle Sorelle pioneered Feather Touch brows in Perth (also known as microblading) and are thrilled to bring our increasingly popular Ombre and Cashmere styles from world class trainers to you. We have and will continue to keep ahead of new techniques and trends to bring the best eyebrow tattooing techniques to our clients. 


We specialise in creating the perfect brow for your face shape, skin colour and skin type. Each brow we create is as unique as the client and we customise each step in the brow creation process to ensure you're thrilled with the result.

Our tattooing techniques are natural, giving you flawless brows every day without the need for makeup. Whether you prefer a perfectly manicured, strong brow or just need some light shading to fill sparse areas, our brow tattoo experts have got you covered.

Our founder, Ashleigh Jones, personally trains all of our cosmetic tattoo artists to the highest standard. She alone has over 12 years of experience in the cosmetic industry and has a true passion for creating the perfect brow. Our team take immense pride in their work and are dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients feel beautiful when leaving the salon.

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Eyebrow Consultation - $65

An Eyebrow Tattoo Consultation will determine which method of tattooing would be best for you based on your hair colour, skin tone and skin type. The consultation includes an Eyebrow Makeover to prep the eyebrows for tattooing and give you an idea of what the finished product will look like!

We offer Zip pay. So you can buy the things that you love today, and pay for them over time - interest free.

Feather Touch Volume Brows - $600

Our famous feather touch eyebrows are by far the most popular eyebrow technique performed at Belle Sorelle. Our signature eyebrows are created by using light, hair-like, strokes which mimic your own brow and promise to cover any gaps, scars or bald patches that you might have within your brow. They also can help to volumise and define thin or lacking brows.


With a huge library of colours to choose from, we are sure to find your perfect match.

We offer Zip pay. So you can buy the things that you love today, and pay for them over time - interest free.

Ombre Brows - $700

Ombre brows are fast becoming our most desired eyebrow tattoo technique, after our signature feather touch brows. 


The word ‘Ombre’ derives from the French term ‘fade’ and these brows do just that. Ombre brows are perfect for creating a more solid, powder filled brow look.  We expertly blend your eyebrows from a light centre to dark end, creating a sharp yet natural looking semi-permanent brow. 

We offer Zip pay. So you can buy the things that you love today, and pay for them over time - interest free.

Cashmere Brows - $800

The latest technique we have developed here at Bell Sorelle is called ‘Cashmere Brows’. Just like cashmere, these eyebrows are soft and luxurious. 


We use a blend of both feather touch and ombre techniques to create the perfect brow that’s both natural and defined. The microblading effect of the feather touch brows lends a natural feel to the centre of the brow, then the ombre effect takes over and fades out to a powder-filled look on the tip.

We offer Zip pay. So you can buy the things that you love today, and pay for them over time - interest free.

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