Cosmetic Tattoo


Cosmetic Tattooing is a fantastic way to enhance your features and bring out your natural beauty. We offer a range of cosmetic tattooing procedures catering for those looking for convenience and life changing hair restoration. 


Check out our menu below for more information on our various Cosmetic Tattooing techniques.

Perfect brows everyday. From Feather Touch Tattoo to our new Ombre and Cashmere techniques Belle Sorelle are the trusted eyebrow tattooing experts.

Permanent lip tattoo that creates a soft wash of colour to enhance your natural lips and correct minor asymmetry.

Realistic Areola Tattooing for those who have had mastectomies or have fading and uneven areola.

Customised permanent eyeliner (top and bottom available).

Permanent blush that creates a soft hue to sculpt and brighten the face.

Shadow Liner that brightens the eye area.

Individual hairs are tattooed to recreate a full and natural hairline 

(For men and women).

A new technique that involves tattooing individual hair follicles.

Now available in-store on all cosmetic tattoo treatments! Conditions apply.

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Cosmetic 3D Areola Tattoo

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