What is Cosmetic Lip Tattooing? 

Candy lips are our brand-new semi-permanent cosmetic lip tattoo treatment which adds volume and definition to the lips without the need for injections. Lip tattooing is the ideal way to:

•    Perfect uneven lips 
•    Add volume to lips that have lost their fullness due to age
•    Hide scaring on the lips
•    Save yourself time by not having to reapply lipstick multiple times per day.   


Cosmetic lip tattooing is also known as lip staining, lip blushing or permanent makeup lips.

You can choose from a wide range of colours available at Belle Sorelle. Most clients will opt for a natural shade that will complement their everyday makeup however some prefer to choose a bolder, more vibrant colour that pops. 

How does lip tattooing work?

During your comprehensive consultation a Belle Sorelle technician will spend some time discussing your requirements and will advise on elements such as:

•    Desired shape and feel of lips
•    Scars or imperfections requiring extra attention
•    Selecting an appropriate colour 

Once both the client and technician are happy with the shape and colour we will apply a numbing cream to the lips to minimise any discomfort in preparation for the tattooing to commence.  

Similar to other cosmetic tattoo procedures, a fine needle will inject pigment into the lips for a natural and flawless finish. However, unlike other areas on the face, lips are in fact muscle rather than skin. This means that a specific technique is required by one of our trained technicians. 

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Lip Tattooing?

There are many advantages of having candy lips:

•    No smudging, bleeding or reapplying like regular lipstick 
•    Creates an even lip line 
•    Revitalises colour from the effects of ageing
•    Can hide scars and imperfections 
•    Gives the illusion of plumper, more shapely lips

At Belle Sorelle we are dedicated to making our clients look and feel great. Contact us today to find out more about our Candy Lips and find a shape and colour that is perfect for you. 

Please read our Cancellation Policy here.

Gloss & Go - $550

Introducing Gloss & Go, our newest method of lip tattooing! Creating a gorgeous defined lips through ombre shading, starting with a darker shade to define the lip line and gradually fading the colour to the inner lips. Your lips will be defined and brighter, yet nice and natural.

All you'll need to do is Gloss & Go!

Candy Lips - $620

Achieve the perfect cosmetic lip tattoo at Belle Sorelle in Perth. Our Candy Lips are fast becoming one of our most popular treatments. Our cosmetic lip tattoo specialists promise to add definition, shape and colour to your lips, always ensuring a natural finish. 

We offer Zip pay. So you can buy the things that you love today, and pay for them over time - interest free.

Perfection Visit - $240

4-6 weeks after your initial appointment you will come back in for your perfection visit. This reinforces the pigment and ensures the longevity of the treatment.

We offer Zip pay. So you can buy the things that you love today, and pay for them over time - interest free.

Colour Boost - $300

Because this is a semi-permanent tattoo it will need to be touched up every 1-2 years depending on how your lips hold the colour. The great thing about semi-permanent lips is that you can change up the colour and look regularly. 

We offer Zip pay. So you can buy the things that you love today, and pay for them over time - interest free.

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Now available in-store on all cosmetic tattoo treatments! Conditions apply.

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